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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Check your float levels, so that the carb isn’t overfilling itself , to the point it will leak out of the top pipes near diaphragm covers

The T piece is something Mikuni does but can’t the closest Hyo part number i can find is:
13357HG5100Β  =Β  KR Motors America appears to have it in stock,Β  so can you ring your local garage where you live to ask KRMA to send it to you or dealer for pickup?

Similarily Yamaha does this on their XJ700/900 bikes in the US with a part number of:
1j7-14988-00 ===> I must warn, i am not able to verify if this is brass or rubber T (which we want), so best to ring up your local yamaha garage for confirmation.

hope this info helps , good luck.Β Β Β  I think i will get a few myself lol,Β  i do fix a lot of carbs now days but the T is rarely touched by the owners of bikes.

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