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Oct 17, 2019

Hello Marcel,

Checked all clutch parts but found no obvious damage, wear or out of tollerance parts. Plate 1 (7) are 2.97 mm, plate 2 is 3.48mm so well above the minimum, steel plates all flat and no warping or burn marks. Clutch release bearing looks fine as well as do all spacers, the basket does not show any damage or marks.

Think I need to start looking at the gearside, may be the shifter forks or a bearing. Lost of work of course as I need to take the whole engine off the bike for that.

Bike has done 8000km (5000 miles) and has had regular maintenance like oil and filter changes.

If you hear of anything else to check please let me know. I will update as soon as I have time to disassemble the engin completely and check all parts.


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