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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

We had 2 major meets this year but this one in august was cancelled due to weather, i was looking forward to a welsh trip!

I am going to plan an impromptu meet near manchester or something before the weather turns cold with a few hyosungs  but  i am hoping 2020 will be better as that gives time to plan,  we may  meet at Lincolnshire, as we never done one at the east  in 2018 , it was all midlands and the near north.

Speaking of travels, welcome back to the bike world and don’t leave so soon again 😉 –  By now, you’re probably preparing yourself for a little trip with the hyosung to get in to grips with it.

Good to see more 650 folk onboard, i don’t like the rain either for pleasures lol.

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