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Nov 30, 2017
North UK
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Sucks to hear about the drop,Β  trust me i’ve dropped mine in the garden and could hear the wallet crying lol.Β  But with a good chassis, its mainly cosmetics to fix up

Speaking of , theΒ  master reservoir fits any hyosung GT/GTR if it has 7/8″ fitment,Β  some Aquilas have 1 inch bars (fatter), so you would have to confirm which one it isΒ  , even peharps attached pic too.

I wont lie, rode the inline 4s 400s after my test ,Β  test rode friends bikes zx9s , triple 675 ,Β  Β i prefer the hyo twins knowing how the sv650 pulls as my mate had one ,Β i suppose its up to your tastes and what you want out of it,Β  the hyos are quite honest twins lol, fact is know that the hyo pulls better than the Sv anyway.

They are heavy, i wont lie about it,Β  i have to be gentle pushing it around , doesnt feel like it when you start riding away though

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