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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey , sorry i delayed.

I believe from what  you told me=

1. Unplug battery.   Killswitch OFF. Ignition OFF.  Wait overnight (next day).  ==> Switch on Key.  Then Killswitch ON. See if that clears it up (trying to trick the ECU)

Some people short the OBD dealer ports along the harness (find it) but i am out as Ive dealt with enough fried looms lol.

It is strange there is no error code or flashing sequences…

So last checks and probably your last enemies.

1. Ignition coils.

2. Regulator.   Battery should be 14.3v running.  If you see *13.3x* in any revs. Fix the reg. The efi hyo handles up to 15v  since its harness can drop 1 volt in some places (just how it is). A better reg cures most electrics needing a bit more juice  (henceforward = coils either being funny or 1 isnt getting what it wants)

If bike runs normally, i wouldnt panic but it is a good idea to check what i said 🛠👍

Unplug 3 yellow wires of your stator WHILE IT IS RUNNING.

Then switch your meter to AC 500V.   You must get about 75v at 5k revs ish.    Bike electrics (all) start from this device as the stator rotor spins.

Hope these ideas help!

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