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Oct 28, 2018
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
2013 GV250 EFI

Hi Henry,

I’m in Toronto Canada & I’ve a 2013 gv250 with 25k on it.  The bike isn’t bad, but as Marcel has said they do need a lot of TLC.  I’m the 2nd owner of mine & am slowly replacing parts as I go.  But the issues I’ve had have all been electrical as the previous owner just thrashed it.

Fun bikes, & also relatively easy to work on yourself if your that way inclined.  I’ve personally found Marcel to be a great resource (for both parts & advice), mainly as I’ve no dealers anywhere remotely close to me.

The fact that there’s not many hyosungs around is a blessing & a curse (for parts), the blessing is that you feel you’ve got an exotic bike in the fact that they’re few & far between.

Take the gv650 for a test ride if u can & see how you feel with it.  from what I’ve read the engine is based of the suzuki SV650.


Hope it works out





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