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      Apr 20, 2019

      Hey guys. I’m looking for my first bike. I found a 2012 hyosung gv650 for around $2.5k with 2500 miles on it, very close to my residence as well which is great. I looked up the hyosung website, and it looks somewhat shoddy (lol) and i generally don’t see a lot about that brand or really barely heard about hyosung. Is this a good brand motorcycle? How much issues can one expect? I’m also worried about parts availability since I never really heard of this before. Is this brand known well in usa?

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Apr 20, 2019
      North UK

      Moved to Chat section.

      I am in UK, I’ll say this bluntly though;

      – The hyosungs share some parts of a suzuki. However Hyosung once built bikes for Suzuki also  hence  some hyosung part numbers end up.with Suzuki mumbers lol.

      They last as long as the owner looks after em.   We have even 2 guys on the forum who have the same bike for  10 and 7yrs respectively.


      Common faults?(Just change them dont wait for problems)

      – regulator, stator, brake pads, poor bulbs, tyres, ignition coils, HT caps.   Judt beef the entire electrics and it will love you.    Safety parts like brakes tyres etc applies to any motorcycle but for hyos quality matters.


      High maintenance girls they are, the harder its ridden. So yes the manual says more maintanance of the bike is best when its having a harder life lol.  However, i digress  you will get an idea of what tasks are involved by downloading the manual on this forum

      Honestly to parts buying.  There is too many fake sellers out there  so i wont even give them space in this forum lol. I’m parts trader myself anyway so i tend to ship worldwide very fast.


      However, go be in touch with KRM America or KR Motors US to find a physical dealer near you.  Also helps to find a garage that salvages hyosung parts too.


      I have a GTR nearly 50K miles Odometer  and a 2003 Comet that is 65K Miles on dash.

      They last.  Only kids & fake mechanics kill em fast.

      However.  THEY DONT LIKE WATER!.  2 reasons.  The swingarm has poorer paint than the frame. Keep an eye.  ACF50 is the product.

      Electrics.  ACF50 again will keep your harness happy.   We in UK get a LOT of rain so we used to it lol.

      For your price ; id say its cheap for a young bike 2500 miles!

      I Hope what i was saying made sense! (Never mind my grammatical errors on this phone lol)



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      Apr 20, 2019
      GV 650 Aquila

      Hi Henry

      These bikes have been around for a while now. When they first appeared they had excellent revues all round including USA and Australia, there were many clips on You Tube with people showing off these bikes and saying how impressed they were with them.

      If this will be your first bike are you sure it’s a style you want as although it has good pace and manouverability compared against other makes in this style, the feet forward sit upright position is a lot different to the handling of most sports/road bikes.

      I brought mine because I liked the style, I like that it’s not common, I like it’s weight and I like how comfortable it is for my old body.

      Safe riding



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      Apr 20, 2019
      Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
      2013 GV250 EFI

      Hi Henry,

      I’m in Toronto Canada & I’ve a 2013 gv250 with 25k on it.  The bike isn’t bad, but as Marcel has said they do need a lot of TLC.  I’m the 2nd owner of mine & am slowly replacing parts as I go.  But the issues I’ve had have all been electrical as the previous owner just thrashed it.

      Fun bikes, & also relatively easy to work on yourself if your that way inclined.  I’ve personally found Marcel to be a great resource (for both parts & advice), mainly as I’ve no dealers anywhere remotely close to me.

      The fact that there’s not many hyosungs around is a blessing & a curse (for parts), the blessing is that you feel you’ve got an exotic bike in the fact that they’re few & far between.

      Take the gv650 for a test ride if u can & see how you feel with it.  from what I’ve read the engine is based of the suzuki SV650.


      Hope it works out





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      Apr 20, 2019

      Ive owned my st7 for 5 yrs runs well always a talking point with other bikers at meets its a marmite bike you either love it or loathe it.

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