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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Thank you an also what’s the gearing to make it have a little more acceleration I know it depends on the front sprocket but is it the more teeth it has or the less teeth it has that makes it have that little extra boost?

Depends on the stock that’s ready to go , combinations of 13 / 48  , 15 / 42  are the normally the best ones and the chains max out 100-105 , that’s already the limit of the 250 , sometimes i send 13/46 in some orders  –  All 3 combinations i said , add some acceleration without affecting gearing too much.

I know sometimes even  a stock 125 has 14 / 52  . Just dropping to 13 without rear, is too much lol. Fast take off sure, but top speed is sacrificed now.

The GD250 uses a GT250 sprocket carrier , but it’s sprocket is now factory 48T instead of  46 on GT250  , i think that probably helped it take off a bit better lol.

Hope i made sense!

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