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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Welcome to the site!

Sorry I delayed , I wanted to also say you can meet us on one of the annual hyo meets that we do , check out the “events” section of this forum  or   more specific conversation also appears in the facebook group “UK Hyosung owners club”  (Yes, some are still on social media lol)

Maybe you might see us on one of the future meets ,  speaking of rides.

The 650s are generally good bikes, and a little more torquey than the SV although, both company have a long shared history with engine R&D work these bikes.

Id caution to keep an eye on the regulator , and stator. These would be the common complaints across all hyosung CC bikes ,  the koreans did try to improve it , but they still fail.   As yours is a new bike ,  your dealer should replace it accordingly if it acts up.

#1 most annoying problem and sadly may void the warranty , is the side stand switch.   Even when while riding , your bike may cut out frequently  as the kick stand switch rattles away inside , it’s just a really crap unit but i digress!

We usually cut it off & bypass it by joining wires .  Our only caution is that don’t set off without double checking the stand is up!

All in all , good TLC and servicing will keep you riding it for years , i do know some of our members on here have had 1 hyo for 7-12 years.

Ride steady, summer is coming!

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