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Jul 6, 2018

Thanks for the replies all,

My bad yes I changed the pilots to 17.5 as it feels like not enough fueling at 1/4 throttle so thought I’d give it a try (no change)

Mains are 92.5 front, 95 rear

Needle moved up or down I can’t remember to richen up the mid range

I did piss about with the air/fuel screws to try and determine if they would help however it didn’t work but originally they were both 1.5 turns out each (made a note just in case)

Your absolutely correct with the plugs as the bike is running rich now

I’ve done everything on your helpful list as this has been an issue for a while.

I’ll take everything back to stock and start from scratch.

The only thing is this problem has been since I picked up the bike and all carb setting were untouched and standard, nothing I’ve done has made any difference, no better or worse which baffles me.

I’ll pick up some new plugs anyway and report back soon, at least I can have the carbs off in 5 minutes as I’ve done it that many timesΒ  😑 lol.

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