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Ok so I checked and made sure I have sparks, I rigged up a white board marker cap so it fit over the fuel injector inlet and made a small hole through the other side of the cap so carb cleaner straw could fit and both fuel injectors are spraying just fine.  I bridged the clutch switch wires, checked the kick stand sensor, checked voltage on the fuel injector connectors, removed the air filter although it’s brand new, I got new spark plugs, they told me it needed e3 spark plugs but I kept the old ones just incase.  I found where those wires go but they broke right at the base where they go into the housing so I’m going to have to replace it, but would that prevent the bike from starting?  When the bike cranks it almost starts, I removed the spark plugs again and poured a little bit of seafoam into the combustion chamber and with the spark plug removed (did it for each chamber independently) hit the ignition in case there was bad gas just sitting there.  The bike started for a second and then died,  I also have the f1 light flashing on the dash going from 0 to f1.  It also feels like there is good compression when it tries to start.  I do hear like a growl coming from what sounds like the gas tank.  Thanks in advance, I ordered a fuel pump although the one that is in there is kind of loud it is definitely pumping fuel.