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North UK

Strange, I just uploaded a picture (site logo above), it appeared fine , i was using a desktop PC.  Can you try again ?  And was this on the phone? which one? = Sorry to ask , it helps me diagnose and try to replicate the error on my end and fix it.

Other than that, welcome to the site.  I can tell by your excitement for the ST7 , you want the day to happen now. I say go get her and never sell her!  I don’t have an ST7 but i have a GV and GT myself , I can wholly agree the GV is very comfy , almost like being on a big scooter sometimes.

Let us know how it goes.

You will be loved for making tutorials on whatever you do to the Hyosung , i’ll share them every chance i get when on social media , to drive traffic back to this site.  Sometimes asking for help on social media can be a cesspool, so i’d rather digress on here in a structured way so to speak lol.

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