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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

To be honest it doesn’t surprise me really because half the members on the facebook group I am admin of , all say to avoid the site and they always complain not just parts but also crazy logistic delays.

I had an email from a site similar to them to do business with them , i said hell no for good reason.

I will get your order sorted fella, i know the logistic delay may suck while you wait but i have to get the old 2004 rotor (via germany anyway)  and covid has slowed things down a bit.

I got you! – PLEASEEEEE don’t rip up your old gasket,   just incase I ran out of my freebie ones  (i always give out free gaskets when i have them)

I will email you privately for progress of the order, in the meantime , i hope you have a good regulator because a bad regulator will take out a new stator again,   (veryyyyyy common)

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