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Jan 25, 2021
Hyosung GT 250 N

Thank you for you’re advise.ย I followed your instructions but the bike does not start, even not on carb cleaner / start pilot. So i seperates the carburator from the bike andย dissassembled the whole thing. Found out that the new float needle is broke and that the fuel is flooding the whole engine.

I had my old (original) float needles and will put them in after a fresh new cleaning of the carburator and all other parts. I put everything together during the next week and hope for the best.

maybe there was too much fuel and it quench the spark. That would explain why it does not run on carb cleaner / start pilot.

i put the carburator in my ultrasonic cleaner with brand new fluid and it comes out perfectly. maybe there was something else in it that cause problems


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