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Dec 13, 2020
GV125 Aquila

Im having trouble removing the airbox from my GV125. All screws and clamps are removed or loosened. Can’t physically remove the airbox. The top frame tube is in the way and stopping me from getting it out. Is there a technique to it. Thanks Luke

Have you searched or browsed the forum. There was a discussion about this. If you cant see it, I will try to find it when i return back. it wont be easy but patience. I can only say PLEASE do not stress the manifolds. They are very very hard to buy these days.

I found the discussion on the perils of removing the air box. Best suggestion is to access the side plate on the left hand side of the carb with everything still in situ. I’ll give that a go but I’ll order some stainless steel replacement bolts first.


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