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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Send me an email, with pictures or attach on this forum reply box

  1. Your handle bar, and i want to see the steering mount bit where its cracked off.
    I may be able to supply you just the SOLID BAR without mount, as you can unscrew your old broken bar out of the fork mount.   Pics help first.
    The bar sold is 100% identical to OEM one, my CNC guy just makes them on the spot.
  2. I will try to locate an right OEM mirror but we have mirrors in stock that are aftermarket via the hyoriders shop

HyoSparesUK doesn’t deserve any mention on this forum, too many people have had problems with them and we don’t do business with copy sites (.uk, .eu, asia, .nz are all clones run by some 1 guy). I won’t digress, facebook has enough horror stories about them lol.

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