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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


Since you took the carb apart; the fuel was drained. It takes a few cranks for the fuel to eventually fill the carb bowls then it starts cause the pilot jets dont reach deep enough to start drinking and idling away. Choke speeds things up.

Revving to 6k is caused by either of theseΒ  = manifold leaks , airbox leaks (both airboxes top and right) , loose intake clamps , leaking vacuum port on manifolds , carb not sitting properly , choke cable stuck (?)

Check choke is fully disengage BY THE CARB itself , check throttle cable and OPERATE THE SWING GATE (where cable slots in) at the carb by hand after disconnecting throttle line.Β Β  if revs go down after cables removed , investigate lines or metal assemblies where cables join to carb.

Hope that helps.


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