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Jul 13, 2020

I don’t think that’s the issue as when I got the bike back I completely stripped everything down, right down to the frame and the tank was drained and rinsed with fuel then dried with compressed air before being put back on. Its only had 5l of fuel put in since then and it hasn’t actually been out of the garage yet. I checked today and the float bowls are definitely emptying somewhere (I opened the drain valves on either side and not a drop came out) but there is no fuel around the carb, under the bike or anywhere like that. If that quantity of fuel (I reckon both bowls hold about 50ml between them) was leaking into my garage and evaporating I’d definitely smell it.

It just seems strange that I have to crank the engine for a good few minutes to start the bike each day, but once its started once it’ll fire first time if you kill it, or even if you go back a few hours later it only takes a couple of turns to go. When I’m cranking the engine to start I can even hear the engine getting closer as it’ll do nothing for a bit, then it’ll stutter when its starting to get fuel but not enough, then eventually it fires no problem. I’m ready to pull my hair out with it!

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