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May 4, 2020
Gt250 f1

You need to back track your moves, the bike was running fine when you got it but then it was left for 6 months then problems this is fuel related, the trouble is you have tackled several different things which can make things very difficult to figure out, it’s adjusting the floats that concern me if this is wrong it will flood the engine & it will not start regardless of what you spray into them, take the plugs out & give it a spin over see if anything sprays out. Leave them out for a day to dry the cylinders then go from there. If there’s a spark & compression then it’s fueling the timing cannot really move unless something has broken & believe me you would hear that. I would start at the fuel filter then check the pump then the carbs I would strip & check everything is spot on also that side stand switch can cause a whole lot of pain so ms worth looking at.

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