Ricky Groves
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Apr 10, 2020
UK South
RT125 2009


the bike has passed the MOT test!!

We’ve replaced wheel bearings, changed the front disc, repaired wiring and brackets.

The exhaust was cut and shut to fit, more later about that…

Engine oil replaced, way overfilled previously

Bodywork repaired, engine repaired.

New parts fitted, indicators made to fit.

MOT failed….BOO!


2 advisories: chain too tight and rear tyre wear (no shit, it was obviously low)

Failed due to fouling tyre on exhaust. This was because we replaced the rear damper with a replacement from a breakers. Turns out it was not the right damper and it fitted but was shorter and allowed the tyre to rub.

The easy fix was to “adjust” the fit of the exhaust until it no longer touched.

We used a 10lb sledge to squash the exhaust in the right place and eventually a clearance was obtained and a test certificate given.

A new tyre has been ordered because there really isn’t much left in that old carcass.

Now, the young lad is happy riding about, it does over 70 (eventually) and has better performance than the Aprilia RS4 50 it replaces.

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