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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I just purchased a gt125 r and need to replace the sprockets and chain as they look tired. How many teeth are on the front and rear and what length chain would I need? I see there is an upgrade in the store, is this different to the stock tooth count?

The 520 kit sold on this site is tailored, which means we can customize to suit you and usually do better than what other sellers put out in terms of quality .  (Rear cog probs lasts 1-2yrs, no matter how hard you try, it’s that strong) compared to having taiwanese copy-cats.   Another reason we don’t do 428s is because they stretch too much (not worth the cost for the buyer and us to keep restocking them with fast wearing teeth lol)

Most chains on ebay are MTX and TVH  (china branded both of them)  (Google “TVH” chain logo and see how some ebay sellers disguise them with a fake GTR logo in them lol)

If you purchased the kit without telling us , yes the gearing will raise rpms slightly but if a stock bike is 84, you will go beyond that and with a tad better accel, that’s a fair balance.

The stock 428s shipped by korea are 14 and 52T  (only size in 428 for rear)  ,  stock 428 chain is 138 links.

I can drop all the way to 44 , i know multiple sprocket makers.  The GV aquilas have their rear cogs dropped in to the 30’s even because the riders want long cruising rpms (far distance tours) but still pulls awesome on the hills , it gets to 70 very quickly 😉

Sorry i delayed , but i hope this info helps.  Ride steady!

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