Ricky Groves
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Apr 10, 2020
UK South
RT125 2009

We’ve been working on this bike for a little while now.

Jobs we found once home:

RH handlebar switch locating lug broken, switch rotates round bar when twisting throttle.

Choke cable broken.

Back light smashed

Back light bracket broken, this is steel but had been twisted until it broke, all parts there, but mangled.

Rear mudguard broken

Front mudguard broken, bracket rusty

Side panel broken.

Number plate light bulb holder missing

Oil overfilled, about 2 litres in there

Front brake disc cracked and undersize

Tyres worn

Studs stripped out of head, glued back in with bubblegum

Wrong exhaust, front part from an RX125 (stamped on it), don’t know what the silencer is from but it doesn’t fit.

Carb drain screw leaks fuel when engine stopped.

Rear shock shot, the back end is very bouncy.

Front wheel bearings shot.

Original indicators missing, front mounts have been chopped, metal part missing.

Loads of fasteners missing.

Air box cover screws rounded off or sheared.

Threads for seat and side panels on frame rusty or damaged.

Fuel tank has loads of crap in the bottom.

Slowly we have been working through the problems, we don’t have much to spend on this bike, but it should go back on the road.

More pictures to follow…

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