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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey, off the top of my head it must be “YTX7A-BS” size type from Yuasa (halfords),Β  no fleebay links to post as there are many fakes online, best to see it in the flesh and usually halfords or bike shop pre-charge it for you to use it right away, though always best to check at home with your charger or a long ride for the bike’s charge system to deal with it.
It is possible to get a slightly bigger upgrade such as “YTX9-BS ” at local shop if your caddy tray looks like it will support it / fitment wise.

I will try to look through some old data to see what’s up with the indicators.Β Β  I was hoping your issue was more “bulb” related than an actual cracked unit,Β Β  Hyosung doesn’t make these bikes anymore , so extended support is limited to say the least. Probably MotoGB trade may have some old stock in orΒ  , please ring “Startright Leeds”Β  (oldest hyo dealer) and tell them Marcel sent you, they will have to have something from their old stripped bikes.

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