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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Some folk use wemoto, i can’t comment on their quality , could be taiwanese as they seem to do a lot of china stuff (cheap pattern-copy parts)

I buy many jets in the trade while i fix customer bikes or they go with the K&N filters that are stocked now. The jets can be sold on their own, you can message me next week as i am due to list them on the site as standalone units starting with Pilots first. They will be EBC ones (UK) or Keystars (Jap) , I wouldn’t use unknown jets , incase they are fake brass or their ofrices/holes are not drilled accurately (90 isn’t really a 90 etc…)

Check my ebay over the weekend, I have stripped a couple of 250 & 125 carbs , so will put their jets up as 2nd hand listings. Most are still the original mikuni ones.

If you had a hyo jet and it didn’t fit, consider the jet-holder tube may have damaged threads, possibly also.

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