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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

I have ordered a regulator from Electrosport, and retested the stator and It does say 55v across all 3 pins…

I’m slightly worried though…

Would you say the regulator from Electrosport and the stator I currently have, which “looks” taiwanese be compatible?.. the last thing I want to do is put a the new regulator on and the stator burns it out for example…

I replied to your email,    and yes I would say the stator may either take the reg with it (as it’s not able to regulate what your stator is doing so to speak) or a fishy regs takes out a healthy stator vise versa , so the 2 are kinda like a married pair for the charging system .  Stator is also part of ignition system anyway also  so it’s “blue and green” plug  flywheel trigger sensor will be around 100-110 ohms healthy for factory ones i believe, when bike is turned off.

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