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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

You are correct, the efi bikes all have the intake sensors to know air system has changed from the ecu’s settings,Β  the ecu isn’t going to “upjet” the fuel so to speak.

i believe the stock filter is a lot of air already since it shares the same filter with certain GV650s.Β  Some have huge holes compared to the carby era.

the exhaust lambda sensor is on the pipe ,Β  i would advise the exhaust system has a baffe hole about 5cm , huge holes won’t work or its too free flowing , you want to be as close to the stock one as possible and you won’t be triggering the ECU ,Β  you may miss the noise but thats the life with an EFI bike.

Hyosung didn’t sell any mapping kits for the general public, i don’t think its something they would do , althoughΒ  it may make life easier for us experienced mechanics when it comes to fuel mapping etc.

Try the stock filter and consider the exhaust set up πŸ‘

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