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Nov 30, 2017
North UK
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It sounds famously like the dreaded 60mph (95kmph) bug that happens to faulty coils or clogged carbs.

Remove your spark plugs and clean themΒ  Β (50/50 chance they may need replacing if they aint sparking hard anymore)

Get a meter , put red wire inside HT cap.Β  Black wire on the frame.Β  You should read 6,000 ohms max (6k) for the coils .

Take a look below and learn how to remove carbs off the bike , then you can clean them.
– Take out the piston slides (black tubes) = clean with a cloth & its carb holes (piston walls)
(they control main jets)

– Get a carb cleaner & compressed air can (aerosol air) , and blow the jets clean from particles.

– Put the carb upside down, make sure the floats are 7mm high (not less , not more, just 7)
(full throttle fuel control happens here too)


Let us know if that worked , before attacking other parts of the bike, as these 3 ^ above are usually main culpritsΒ  (plug | carb | coils)

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