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Apr 22, 2019
GT125R (carby)

Thanks Marcel. I have now had time to fiddle a little bit more and am pleased to report that 5th is back in the room!

Simply a case of slacking off then readjusting the clutch cable again. Took her out and immediately found fifth to be problematic at higher rpm….okay down low tho. Pulled over, put a little more on the lever adjuster and bobs your uncle!

I then went and took my first proper ride on her since picking her up nearly four months ago. We covered nearly 50  miles in all, with a couple of stops just to check her over but really it was a trouble free ride. 🙂

I have a lot on at the moment, but I’m now happy that the bike is ready to go and do the runs required to read the plugs and make the necessary mixture adjustments we spoke about a while ago. For now though, the settings on the replacement carbs seem pretty good.

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