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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey Iain!
Quite the intro but what a story lol.

To speed you up literally, as you are “officially” the new owner and it’s day zero with her (however old she is) , the best maintanance tasks performed to these twins is:

– Oil = Must be JASO MA2 on the bottle (no matter how polished the sales man is!)
Ester oil is better , GP bikes use it and these little twins run high rpm lives, so spare no expense on good oil!  (Motul ,  RockOil TRM UK,  Silkolene are who you should look at, period.)

– Ignition coils /  Regulator  = They cause all kinds of drama, sadly these 2 are #1 on electrical woes.  We tend to change em to better ones,  the 650 folks have it worse  (they even change over to a Kawasaki stator!)
I’m always fixing someone’s hyo every month , i know full well my swear jar is full lol.

However, there is a couple of topics in the technical section where i went quite deep on how to check parts like: Battery , Charge system (stator/regulator) , coils n sparking (plugs) , fueling  (carb and all piping)

I was replying to the other topics to troubleshoot rough running ,  if not i can always link you to whatever question you have to ask , chances i probably have answered it nicely.

Away from the engine bay ,  the next checks are:
– Fairing screws  (stainless please) – Ditch the cheese ones , as they are known to seize up in the brackets!  (GREAT FRAME but bolts need to be stainless!)
– Tyres. Michelins and Bridgestones are made for these top heavy bikes and critically you want sticky tyres not suicidal bricks like “Shinkos , Avons!”
– Chains = Get a 520 set. There have been enough drama on the facebook group about snapped 428 chains and they make the bike slower on hills 100%.
– Brakes =  Stainless lines even just 1 at the front is night & day. I never looked back, not many do, that’s as blunt as i can say.   As per manual “any hose” air brake fuel etc…. must go in 2-4yrs or it rots inside.   Stainless = a decade plus even, so fit & forget lol.

– Brakes = Again, yes, the hyos will happily eat chinese pads in weeks.  You will want to only use EBC HH or my fav “Goldfren Carbon Ceramics”  = Ceramics last ages & they like heat.  So wet braking stays strong  , compared to a hot organic that’s just glazing over the disc! (& organics really mess up wheels! = too much brake dust.)

Lucky for you it’s summer soon lol , so be quick and get her to speed!

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