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North UK

Hi, I have 2011 GV Aquila 250 efi with single silencer, would it be ok to swap to twin silencers or would it cause a problem for the efi system?

The trouble with the EFI hyosungs is they don’t take kindly on pipe changes, as a few owners can also atest to that.

The trouble is with the Lambda sensor that’s inside the pipe which senses gases going past it, it will trigger the ecu to either intervene in the fueling process or dash throws an error.

You may get away, with keeping the 2-in-1 stock system (best for performance wise)   and then expanding the and can hole  (make it bigger at the exit, about 5-10p size max)

The other problem is the end can itself. this would be looking at making sure the end can is as long or little shorter than the stock can and must have a baffle with a hole of a 2p size or less.

I hope this info helps!

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