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Nov 30, 2017
North UK
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Hey Wellsie,

Only the 250cc , it uses a chain that is off a suzuki , it shouldn’t need replacing unless the bike has had a hard life or its around 50k old ish…

However , the “tensioner” on the bike is automatic, that deals with the tension /& chain stretch as motor spins,  the tensioner is usually the “first item” to replace  as they do wear out more than a cam chain does.

One way of checking the chain is to listen to it as it spins on the motor.
another way is to remove the top valve cover

  • inspect cam sprockets for wear (the teeth eventually wear down)
  • touch the chain, if it feels saggy , it could be sign the tensioner is worn or the chain may need replacing

the service manual only has this information about timing chains.


if the image doesn’t go full screen when you click on it.  Save the image to your PC or  Press & Hold on your Phone to download it.

Hope this info helps!

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