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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


You may have hit the nail on this one ,  as indeed  *C* without digits doesnt seem to indicate any actual fault.

You may ride as usual but just keep a good eye on all parts to ensure nothing rattled loose under braking?

Dare I say though,  what if you checked your brake switches arent loose or attacked by weather?(rusty contacts). Hopefully thats not whats causing them to act funny under a full brake  (where bike even shifts its weight to brake force)

If this was a different brand, i would have guessed it was something to do with an ABS system and ECU talking to each other (something’s a bit off but not to panic yet?)

As for Hyosung usually the ECU will tell the exact code  (eg. D45) if some device is failing or acting intermittent.

But i hope this bit of reply helps & hopefully its just nothing really👍

But update us if something changes or If i missed something.

You may also disconnect battery for few hours or overnight max. It may or may not force the  ECU to reset the C code. (There isnt a lot of research data ive collected yet on GV650 EFi/Ei’s to see how effective this is. So you may try)

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