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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

A stock filter has a cone inside and the material is different = restricted.
Also it’s a bit smaller than K&N –

K&N can push 3x more air  = cotton filter in oil coating – so cleaner bike & more free revving yes.  “650 specific”   K&N is good   otherwise  , BMC Italy does it too  (known for race filters on aprillias) – I owned some BMCs in some of my bikes , some K&Ns – they do the justice

However – an upjet is mandatory  (hence carb tutorial on the forum goes in better detail on jet swapping – just search “carb” at the top of site.

Running 3x more air on the same stock jets = engine is much hotter , misfires , new piston rings soon lol.

Likewise, if you have a performance exhaust pipe  –> more gases going out –> upjet is mandatory

Any air upgrades basically (intake or exhaust) = upjet

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