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Aug 22, 2018
Hyosung GV 650EFI Ltd Ed

Very interesting modification, and no other like it on the net. I have problem with my gv650 efi that couldΒ  be related to the above, Bike was working perfectly, decided to do a basic service on it, Plugs, oil & filter etc, lifted the tank from where 2 bolts by the battery and used the stay to keep it up, for access to the rear plug, all good so far, had to unbolt the rad and fan etc to allow access to the front plug (stupid design) any how once done turned ignition on (while tank still lifted) to find the pump would go through its prime cycle, (as if the kill switch was on, but wasn’t) it then shortly came up with “CHE” on the dash (the only fly in the ointment to your comments should be F1 – nope) my lad came to help and I said it wont work, he sat on on the bike and turned the ignition on and yep, it primedΒ  and started perfectly! Grrr. This took my attention to the side stand switch, duly changed and nope, same issue seems temperamental when works not work and nothing moved or change to reflect this again Grrr. Have just received a new starter solenoid/relay but my gut says this isn’t the cause as it seems a safety issue cutting power to the pump a’la your topic. Where is the TOS sensor fitted on these? can it be tested easily?Β  and if i was to replace it you say can use one from another manufacturer, I’m guessing connection is the same, do you know the cheapest option short of your mod? Any suggestion or thought would be appreciated as bike hasn’t been used since April and we have had the best summer since 1976!!

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