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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey Pete!

Great questions there.  Hope this answer helps!

  1. ALL “GT125” since 1998 use the same coils , same CDI , same regulator.
  2. They started with a small grey regulator –> then they tried a slightly bigger black regulator a few years later (since 2010 i should say)
    (but both fail too much!)  They can’t even do 14.6 volts!
  3. They tried to use a newer coil from a 250-EFi (which also works with Carb bikes)
    However, no power difference whatsoever.

    The upgraded reg/rec uses MOSFET tech regulators, which are much more efficient than 1970’s serial/diode tech (Hyo).   Very common on big Kawasaki machines, so you know the Japanese don’t like for things to fail.

    And I know Kawasaki machines myself,  so i studied their electrics in comparison to hyosungs.  For example, I would know which pins are plus / negative , how much volts per wire etc…

    650 owners = 2 major mods they always do = Drop a 250cc Ninja Magneto &  Regulator as the 650s REALLY do cook their stock regulators , so an upgrade was necessary.   Hyosung would just keep on sending the same stock ones which would again blow up.  No change.

    125ccc = All standard hyosung regulators cause so many problems, it’s beyond belief.  Just go on our facebook group,  also chinese versions have set the bikes on fire & smoke on dashboards.

    So I never ever sell them, (too much liability)  – Kawasaki tech wins.

    Wiring Harness =  125GTR / GT125 Nakeds (all) –  Same plug, No change whatsoever.

    Ignition Coils = Also a bolt on fit , just look at the shop gallery, so many bikes  2007 plate , 2016 RC ,  2012 model etc…  Kawasaki race parts here again.

    People tried Suzuki SV650 coils on 125, they don’t work.  Placebo effect lol.


Remember, no one goes to a mechanic under my watch,  I got you! –
For a total novice biker Even clutch change was done at home without paying a random mechanic £200 to do it!

Oh by the way! – It’s a great shout check your spark plugs , if they are the “stock ones”   (CR8E)  – Just bin them.   Too heavy & fouls too much.

CR8E IX”  (Blue iridium)  or  CR8E-Lasers work best! – The coils & reg rec work best with IX or Laser plugs definitely.

Remember, this colour below = a very happy hyosung motor (Good sparks, fuel, air)
(All coffee brown ring/dark biege center)
ngk laser iridium plugs hyosung cr8e ix

If there is anything i missed, just let me know!  Have a great weekend.

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