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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Any recommended place to get SS ?

Do you mean stainless exhausts?; I’d say Black Widow UK definitely,   some folks have scorpion pipes fitted on.

As for bolts, a local bike shop must have a tray of exhaust bolts as they are common replacements for rusty ones…

Stainless = only the “threaded” stud can be found in stainless form too.

Not stainless = the original hyosung TALL nuts , for these sand them down and apply vht paint,  when you’re cleaning the bike on a regular , a tiny dose of acf50 on the bolts and the pipes, that will burn off , but leaves a tiny film over them.  Another way to avoid more weather attacks on the pipes.

As for the tall nuts,  only hyosung seems apparently to be the only source. So dealers have to order them in ,  you may find used “hyosung exhaust nuts” on ebay that aren’t too ruined, may still have some life in them. Expect to repaint them or treat the surfacing rust

Hope this info helps!

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