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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Whoaa….. I say that looks really bad!

Do you think you’re able to get a exhaust shop local or a garage to extract the “likely” seized bolts at the engine ports.

Or try , if you dare , the front engine is usually prone to rusty bolts & pipes sometimes from salty muddy weather!

The reason i say this is because it’s easier to remove the exhaust system off the bike, then get a way to get it welded (costly) / sleeved up again.

i have seen people also spray a lot of VHT black paint that is supoosed to be weather resistant. Then they wrap it up with exhaust wrap all over.


More than likely you will be looking at fresh studs & bolts anyway! – Stainless is the way to go!

The stock hyosung exhaust pipes have 1 big outer shield (which is whats corroding away) & 1 small “inner” exhaust gas pipe that the engine uses…)

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