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Nov 30, 2017
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That’s cool, let us know how it goes with the new mechanic in the future, but i think i am confident you can be able to keep most tasks done yourself.

Keep receipts of whatever you buy & save it in a book somewhere, it’s something I do in case i have to sell it, i have receipts of whatever parts have been added & the mileage at the time.

Valves are checked 600 miles, as it’s important to ensure the engine isn’t tappy, ratty or loose cams etc…  The first 600 miles gives the chance for bike parts to mature up inside and mesh together nicely

So after 600 miles, it would not be surprising to see some metallic shavings on the oil , once you do a fresh change.

How many miles do you do each week anyway?

Speaking of upgrades,  honestly speaking, the mind is the limit but based on various feedback online,  i know these mods are the “most obvious / most effective” upgrades meaning you will notice it outright & perform way better.

  1. 520 Chain Kit  (Converts 428 chain to a fast 520 chain system)
  2. Large Kawasaki regulator
  3. Kawasaki ignition coils
  4. NGK CR8E IX  or  Laser Iridium plugs

You can read more about the first 4^ popular upgrades via the shop link below:

GV Aquila chain kits are a custom order, (no one does 428-to-520 kits besides myself), so send me an email!

5. Then also importantly (stock or modified bikes) – Upgrade carb jets to one size up…
I have written a full tutorial below , so you can see how the process works.
Easy to do!    (if you need jets, just send me an email or ask your mechanic)
Your carb is Mikuni BDS26-DOUBLE

Link here:

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