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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Welcome George!

Post some pics up when you get the bike running, it might just be featured on the instagram page (y) !

As this site is new for the UK (Since Nov 2017), there will be a lot happening behind the scenes to try & bring as many “UK” based suppliers on to the Forum so they can sell parts to customers directly.  I will only bring legitimate vendors with physical UK stock.

The “Shop” page on this website, does have its own ebay shop for used parts too. If there is anything missing on here, it can be ordered express directly from Korea or Germany  (Custom Orders).

While I don’t comment specifically or recommend a specific other “HyosungParts” websites simply because there has been a lot of mixed (mostly bad) reviews about them.

Some of them are actually “not UK” lol.

If you’re on Facebook, & part of the Hyosung Owners Club group, follow this link & read what everyone else has been saying about other parts stores.

As for UK Dealers – Startright Leeds are one of the oldest hyosung dealer & always have stock & they use MotoGB-UK  (a real UK importer/stockist) of parts to dealers & traders.
You can call them & they’ll be happy to help.


Welcome to the site!   By the way, if you’re not busy this August 2018, you can RSVP yourself to the 2nd 2018 Hyosung Meet & Ride,  details below!

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