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North UK

We have success, replaced the fuel cap with a GV650 one and its running better than ever with no spluttering, bogging or cutting out around 400 pounds in attempts to repair when it was just a 20 pound fix 😮

Hey, it can’t be all waste if the bike rides better with some new goodies that you won’t have to worry about!

I’ve once bought a bike needing a fuel tap, but i was like screw it, let me overhaul the entire fuel system including its injectors ,  the result was that i didn’t touch its parts for 2yrs as it just kept on going.

if i just fixed the tap,   what if the injectors were next to go pop! –  Sucks to have a skinny wallet but i am smiling more when it doesn’t break down on me 200 miles away from home.  I could be clinically OCD about such things lol

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