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GV125C 2012

Hi Marcel, I went for a little ride earlier, nothing particularly taxing and these are some photos of the plugs in question. sorry for not getting completely top down on it, I just couldn’t get a good focus. I’ll have another stab at it when I fit the new coils and stuff (which i got today btw! super quick)

1. Rear Electrode 2. Rear Thread 3. Front Electrode 4. front thread

From this I can easily tell the front cylinder is running leaner than the rear and the rear is still a touch leaner than i’d have thought it should be.
I didn’t get any measurements of the head temps, sadly. they were both equally hot to touch when i stopped. I couldn’t find my thermometer before the bike started to cool down for any numbers though. I’ll take them tomorrow.
I do have some videos though, One of the fuel pump and two for timing chain.

This is the idle noise video. I do hear a slightly metallic sound somewhere.

This is a quick rev


and this is the fuel pump


Hopefully this helps you narrow whatever weird gremlin seems to be posessing my bike at the minute.
Thanks Marcel