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GV125C 2012

Hi Nik,

Aside from having good battery and battery connections there’s three things this could be, the first and most likely would be a bad starter solenoid. this is a high current switch for the starter that is activated by the button on the handle bar. Usually you can tell if these are working properly if you get a little click from it when you press the button and there’s voltage on the wires that goes to the starter. One thing you can try is locate where your starter solenoid is, press the button to crank the bike over and give it a tap with something. if the bike starts cranking then it’s pretty likely the contacts in the solenoid are bad. if it does nothing at all, you can short the two high current wires on the top of it with a screwdriver briefly (12v in and 12v out to starter) to confirm that the starter is actually turning over. Some starters have solenoids built in but i would be surprised if that’s the case (though i can’t confirm).

The second thing to check is the starter itself, if the solenoid is supplying voltage to the starter but it’s not doing anything then you could have a bad starter. to get you by you can give the starter a little tap to see if it will start moving.

The third (and really unlikely thing) is that the starter button isn’t actually sending a signal to the solenoid. There’s also a possibility that you have a bad sensor that is stopping the bike cranking but that’s unlikely becuase you’d probably not be able to push start the bike either with that.
the best way to check this is to find the wire for the switch gear on that side, disconnect it and measure if the button connects the wires for the relay with a continuity meter. It’s very unlikely because the starter button is on the bottom of the switch gear and is shielded more from the weather than the buttons at the top, plus the S is much newer. stuff like this happens only really when things have been sitting.

Hope that helps!