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      This should be a quick question. I know my neural switch is not working having checked continuity between the switch terminal and earth and that the diode lights when I connect it to earth.
      I understand that when I get a new switch I may need to replace the o ring or I will see potentially an oil leak, however, when I remove the switch do I need to drain the oil out of the bike totally or am I only going to a see minor leakage when I take it off and put the new one in?


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      It would be a wise call to change the O-Ring as the old o-ring will be caked up due to heat fatigue , so it won’t seal properly next time it goes in.

      No need to drain the oil,  BUT a “tiny patch” of oil will come out, simply because behind the switch is a camshaft drum for the gearbox

      Take it out SLOWLY! = There is a spring and pin behind the switch too.

      IF you need the O-Ring , here it is:

      Neutral Sensor (Gearbox Switch Drive) O-Ring Seal – Various Hyosung Models

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