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      Victoria, Australia
      GT250 Comet

      Hi everyone,

      I have attempted to clean and rebuild my 2005 250 comet carbs with an ebay kit that is meant to fit these carbs. This kit does not fit and as such I have reinstalled old parts where the new kit did not match. Since I’ve begun this journey I am getting strange carb behavior from float bowl overflows to strange backfiring and intermittent idling issues. Is there anyway someone can point me in the right direction regarding a rebuild kit that will fit these carbs correctly as well as instructions to perform and set various carb components, such as float height, correctly. I feel that the workshop manual is not detailed enough for a complete novice, such as myself, to perform the work.


      Many thanks in advance.



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      Sounds like the crap ebay kits made from China by aliexpress sellers flocking to ebay , too cheap to be true usually means issues later.

      Send us an email (click here) for whatever you need and I will make sure it is all retail japanese parts for a japanese carb

      Float Height = See this topic  (click here……) and look for my reply that shows the picture of the correct float height
      (do not worry, GT125 uses the same carbs as the 250cc , it is just down-jetted to for 125cc that’s all)
      Other parameters like float height is the same on both 125cc & 250cc

      Any time you get stuck with something during your rebuild,   take a photo and post it on here so we can see what’s up!

      Don’t forget to replace intake o-rings like these….  = These can help with rough running, incase bike is leaking air under the rubber intake boots! (often overlooked)

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