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      Apr 7, 2018

      Hi guys,

      I’ve just singed up in hope that someone might have the knowledge about the rear wheel of an RT125D.

      I dug up form the service manual the simptoms of what might cause the rear wheel to wobble. It sepecified that the rear rim might be distorted.

      So i check the rim and it moves severly right and left. I’ve noticed that the spokes were moving as well.

      Now my question is :

      -Do i have to change the rear rim spokes? And so what dimentions do i need.

      -Do i have to change the whole rim?


      Thank you.


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      Apr 7, 2018
      North UK


      Sorry I didn’t reply sooner.    I’d say at least have you checked 2 things first >?:

      • Wheel bearings  (both sides) – They could be shot past their old age or need inspecting
      • Swingarm spacers & bearings – Was the swingarm ever off the frame >?

      Usually around 20k (in my opinion) is a good rule to check swingarm reed bearings.

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