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      Hyosung comet 250 2005


      Hope you all are doing great dear Hyosung riders,

      I have a spare carburettor for my Comet  250 2005 model , and while I was taking it apart to clean I found small rubber o rings under the main jets , so does this come from the factory?

      And the carburettor which is currently on the bike does not have these o rings under the main jets .

      So is it important to have them installed ? And would it make a difference otherwise ?

      Kindly Advise


      Alastair Pereira

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      Hello, the orings are installed by mikuni japan when they make the parts , hyosung just puts the carb together to make twin carbs.

      However, the oring isn’t critical. The bike will be okay without it.  It does help guarantee extra seal between the Jet Holder and Main Jet.    But a tight clean jet won’t leak , just don’t over tighten it as brass is very soft


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