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      May 30, 2020
      North East Lincolnshire
      Aquila 250

      Morning everyone,

      How are we all doing?

      So I bought my first bike this week.  An Aquila GV 250 (carb model).  Was sold to me as a runner but with a noisy engine for spares or repairs.  The hope was to buy a cheap bike, throw some mechanical skills at it and have a nice cheap running bike I could learn to ride on.  Sadly after tearing it down over the last couple of evenings the source of the noisy engine has become apparent.  Safe to say the scale of the failure is pretty epic.

      Gutted, obviously, but I bought it as spares or repairs with my eyes wide open to the risk I was undertaking, so the gamble was mine and it’s not paid off in the way I would hope.  That’s life!

      Once the engine came out it was evident that there were bits moving around within the gearbox region of the engine case, so we proceeded to take both barrels off.  Imagine the surprise when we took the front off (we did this one second) and noticed a quite vital part missing.  No piston!!

      At that point I decided the motor is essentially a write off, so chucked the thing on the lawn and decided to split the casing over a couple of whiskys.  Here is what was found (see pics below).

      On a serious note, before I consider breaking for parts, is anyone selling a 250 carby motor, please?

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