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      Tommy hall
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      Mar 29, 2020

      have a 2005 gv 250 Aquila. Runs ok until air filter is installed.have removed and cleaned carbs and installed new jets any idea?

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      Mar 29, 2020
      North UK

      Hey welcome,

      Getting straight to it….i would kill each of what i suggest below:
      – clearances (crucial)
      – airbox has a leak or inspect manifolds (including the O ring that sits inside manifolds)
      – carbs need cleaning (again) because there is a lot of passages inside even the slides need cleaning out.
      – You didn’t say if the mixture screws tampered with (shouldn’t be touched to ever or its the abyss for you to get it right yourself )
      – Pilots (keep them stock size) –  Main Jets probably too rich (you didn’t tell us what jets you put in)
      – vacuum line leak?

      You say the bike runs poorly with a filter on,  that’s a little hint of a rich condition
      (in otherwords it needs more air without restriction to make it burn whatever is excess or an ignition part  has waned or  fuel system vs intake system need investigating again/cleaning)

      If you put standard jets back on with a fresh set of plugs, you will get a little burn trail on the plugs that will tell you mixture state  with the filter added on bike.    You want it totally brown in the middle AND the circle ring  AND the half-moon tip of the plug (whole plug brown = then air vs fuel mixture is okay)

      Bright white plug = too lean (or intake leaks.)
      very Dark sooty (including all spiral threads looking burnt)  = clearances (heat issue) and rich setup   (otherwise, ignition parts may not be firing hard or plug has had enough?)

      See how you get on and let us know!

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