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      Johnny Rasmussen
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      Hyosung GT650

      Min Hoysung GT650 sætter ud og køre ujævnt og med for mange omdrejninger i tomgang når jeg har været over 5000 omdrejninger og stoppere først når maskinen slukkes.
      Kan du hjælpe mig kan ikke finde åprsagen.

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      North UK

      Hey, Sorry I could not fully understand what you were saying, the translator i use is very rubbish. Is it possible to send a reply in English and upload a video   (youtube, instagram , dropbox etc)  copy the link here.

      Maybe we can see what the issue is with our eyes too.  We have a few 650 owners on this forum and one of them did a good ECU Diagram in tutorials section.

      There is also the service manual in this forum,  find one that matches your ECU / Year of bike = > Get error code and tell us.

      // Meditation doesn't mean you have to sit still....

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      GT250R efi

      Too high idle-RPM… check first; throttle-wire, condition & adjustment…:

      • does the throttle feel smooth, does the throttle go to its (low)end-point when dropping the handle? Wire adjusted too tight?
      • check for any vacuum-leaks…


      Old and grumpy,(?), have fairly wide engine & tuning experience, "restoring/resto-mod" on cars & mc, worked as electronic tech. (retired).

      GT125R - sold. New (used): GT250R-efi

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