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      wanderson césar braga mata
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      Rio de Janeiro BR
      Aquila GV 650 2011

      Hello Brothers, how are you?

      I need help, I’ve had a GV650 for almost 3 years, and after problems with broken wires that caused errors, I decided to rewire the relays.
      On Saturday I finished, the connector covers could not be used, due to the type of lock, I placed the connectors directly, I left the protections until Sunday and finished the job.
      During the test there was a small incident that ended up touching the O and GR wires of the side support relay, after that, my starter no longer worked, I can only start the bike by making direct contact with the starter’s positive, then the bike works without errors.
      I tested the diode, it gives a value of 385.
      The bike is second hand, and it came without the tipping sensor and side support, but they were connected and had no problems during this period.

      As a test., I connected the GR to the positive battery, directly to the starter relay, the pump is activated as soon as it gives the signal and does not stop, and the starter button is enabled.

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      ♠️ MARCEL
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      North UK

      Have you replaced the starter motor solenoid then ?

      Also , try to do a continuity test on all wires to make sure nothing is shorted / broken circuit somewhere relating to the starting solenoid and the O wire as O wires tend to be live when the bike is ON.

      If you see burn marks, post some pictures up 🙂

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